Saturday, November 17, 2007

Run Eric, Run

The blogosphere in Virginia is trying to draft Eric Cantor into the race for the republican nomination for U.S. Senator from Virginia. The Mason Conservative, Bearing Drift, and the Right-Wing Liberal are all encouraging Cantor to run. We here at DC Politics News hope Cantor answers the call. Jim Gilmore is an excellent candidate who, in our opinion, has a good chance to beat Mark Warner. Eric Cantor, however, is a rock star (at least among VA repubs) -- read the Weekly Standard's piece on him here. He would inject energy, ideas and, frankly, a bit of drama into what would otherwise be a Jim Gilmore coronation at the Republican convention next year. Cantor's entry into the race would force Gilmore to become an even better candidate and would likely cause more Virginians to focus on the race. The Rs desperately need to hang on to this Senate seat after a string of dispiriting losses in Virginia. Cantor's entry into the race makes that much more likely. If you agree, you can do your bit to encourage Cantor by signing an online petition here.

Heed the call Eric. Run!

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