Monday, November 12, 2007

Democrats In Maryland House Joyfully Raise Taxes

In the dead of night last evening, the Maryland House of Delegates passed bills jacking up the already high Maryland tax burden. The bills would raise taxes on: personal income; corporate income; sales; hotel stays; cigarettes; and car titles. As we've noted before, this is nothing new for true-blue Maryland. What struck us as odd, though, is the apparent glee with which the confiscation took place. From the Times:

"I'm very proud of the members of the House of Delegates," said House Speaker Michael E. Busch, Anne Arundel Democrat. "I can't say enough about the people that stood up for what they believed in to make Maryland the most progressive and wealthiest state in the country."

Maryland may well be the most progressive state; it is unlikely, though that this cash grab will lead to it becoming the wealthiest. And WaPo continues with the theme of how raising taxes leads to happy lawmakers:

Leaders of the Maryland House of Delegates offered one another congratulatory embraces early yesterday morning after passing two tax bills that would raise $1.4 billion a year to help close a budget shortfall and pay for transportation and health-care priorities.

As for closing that $1.4 billion budget short fall, the Times points out that those proud members of the House are meeting later today to figure out new ways to spend this money.

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