Sunday, November 4, 2007

Get Ready to Vote in VA

Add the Roanoke Times to the list of publications that seem to think the VA Senate will be turning blue on Tuesday:

Democrats must pick up four Senate seats to gain a majority. Strategists in both parties said late last week that nine races remained competitive, including the contest for an open seat between Republican Ralph Smith of Botetourt County and Democrat Mike Breiner of Roanoke County. All but one of the hot races are in districts now represented by Republicans.

And this:

But shifting voting patterns in the fast-growing regions of Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, the elections of Kaine and his Democratic predecessor, Mark Warner, and growing dissatisfaction with President Bush have changed the climate for Democrats in the state, party leaders said.

"Maybe there had been a little bit of a reflexive reaction against Democratic candidates in some parts of the state in the past," Kaine said in an interview Thursday. "But now I think voters are very open to Democratic candidates if they talk common sense about solving problems."

The same story is running in Fredericksburg and as we noted below, has been covered closely by WaPo. Though WaPo (as well as the Richmond Times Dispatch) is spilling some ink on the race being run by state senator Jeannemarie Devolites Davis wife of U.S. Congressman Tom Davis. In particular, they are pondering whether Tom illegally provided funds to Jeannemarie. According to WaPo's Marc Fisher:

So her husband is pulling out all the stops. He poured $414,000 of resources from his own campaign funds into his wife's coffers in October, accounting for more than 80 percent of the senator's receipts in the run-up to Election Day. Much of that money came in the form of purchases of TV time by Congressman Davis's campaign. If you had contributed to Tom Davis's campaign, would you want your dollars going to Jeannemarie Davis's last-minute efforts to save her seat?

From Marc Fisher's lips to the FEC's ear. The lefty blogs are all over a complaint filed by the Dem party in VA about Tom's generosity with his campaign funds.

Don't forget about the city and county elections in Virginia as well. Now go vote!

11/06 UPDATE: If you need any last minute voting tips, WaPo offers its endorsements here. If you want results, start looking here after the polls close at 7:00. If you're looking for a way to kill time, we suggest you look here.

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