Sunday, December 2, 2007

Webb Filibusters Russert

You probably saw Virginia Senator Jim Webb on Meet the Press today. It's impossible for him to answer a question without launching into a lecture, usually with a sneer on his face. He was in full lecture mode this morning beginning with the first question. Russert opened with a pretty straight forward question -- is the surge working.

Webb had to have known that Russert would ask -- Webb is the democrats political cover when it comes to military issues because, after all, as he is quick to point out, he was a marine and was the Secretary of the Navy for a while in President Reagan's second term. As he puts it on his Senate web site, "[b]oth sides of Webb's family have a strong citizen-soldier military tradition; a sense of duty and service to one's country has been passed down through the generations." So Webb must have prepared for this question. But really, how much prep was necessary? The only reasonable answer to the question is "yes," as even most democrats have had to admit (though Congresman Murtha "clarified" his admission of progress after Ms. Pelosi made clear that good democrats do not admit progress in Iraq.).

Well, the clever Senator proceeded to answer Tim's simple question with a long, rambling bit of gobbledy gook. We don't have space to reproduce the whole thing -- have a look for yourself if you are interested here. But we will share with you the first part of the lecture:

The first element is al-Anbar. And this is a—this is a piece—the awakening, the Sunni awakening, which has been used by the administration as evidence of the fact that the surge is working. This was happening before the surge began, well before the surge began, and it would have been happening even if there wasn’t a surge.
The good Senator has staked new ground in the unwillingness of democrats to admit progress in Iraq. He is arguing that the reduction in violence "would have been happening even if there wasn't a surge." It's sad, really, that this former marine has been reduced to spinning fantasies in an effort to prop up the long discredited democrat line. Virginians deserve better.

12/3/07 UPDATE: The Nation carries the message of the loony left further here. Apparently there are countless ways to minimize the effects of the surge. The editors offer this sampling for earnest dems to use when deflecting credit for the reduction in violence away from the surge: the Sunnis achieved it by themselves; or it's due to Moqtada al Sadr laying low; or it's because the Iranians have decided to play nice; or it's all due to ethnic cleansing. Take your pick! Or use them all -- no need for logical consistency in pursuit of taking credit away from Bushitler, right?!?


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