Monday, October 29, 2007

Republicans Poised to Lose VA Senate?

RealClearPolitics has an interesting article analyzing the prospects of the Republicans losing their six-seat majority in the Virginia Senate.

10/30 UPDATE: WaPo provides its take on the Virginia Senate race in a front page story highlighting Gov Tim Kaine's efforts to unseat Republicans. Buried in the article is an interesting angle that explains why the Republicans should lose:

Kaine's push to defeat Republicans in the General Assembly began last year, his first as governor, when he was trying to enact a statewide tax increase to pay for transportation improvements. Although he found GOP allies in the Senate, the House leadership balked, which prompted a budget impasse that almost forced a government shutdown. During the battle, top Senate leaders tried to get assurances from Kaine that he would not target them in 2007 if they continued to work with him to enact his transportation proposal.

So the Republicans were happy to go along with Kaine's proposal to raise taxes, as long as he agreed to let them keep their seats. Wow. Good for Tim Kaine for not going along. Here's hoping they all lose.

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